Green Sun Orchard Ciders & Wines are always made small batch to perfection every time.
Opening Day Cider


Made from our Arkansas Black apple.  Opening Day is bone dry and still (no carbonation) with a balance of citrus, nutty and buttery taste with a smooth tannic finish.   


Alcohol Content 6.9%

Frontier Cider


This semi-dry cider is a unique blend of our Arkansas Black, Golden Russet, Redfield, and a careful selection of wild apples.  Fermented to leave a soft, semi-dry, tannic, earthy finish.  Crisp notes of lemon zest, green apple, and grapefruit.  Pairs with any meal or enjoy around the campfire. 


Alcohol Content 6.7%

Peermont Cider


The dominant apples in this cider are the Golden Russet and Redfield.  This cider is completely still and dry.  The careful mixture of these apples produced a sharp, mild astringency, crisp tart finish.  It has notes of tropic citrus and sour green apple.


Alcohol Content 6.3%

Culper Ring Cider


Made completely from the Northern Spy.  Culper Ring is our favorite cider, is slightly naturally carbonated with a hint of sweetness coupled with just the right tartness.  This cider is bottle conditioned so some slight sediment may be found. Enjoy this cider with your favorite meal or just sitting with friends.  


Alcohol Content 7.2%

Royal Wine


Royal is the only wine we released. The predominant apples in this wine are a thoughtful mixture of wild apples found on or near our farm.  It has a sweet, slight tartness with a finish that will keep you wanting more.  Have this wine with a dinner or as a desert. 


Alcohol Content 10%