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Green Sun Orchard Ciders & Wines are always made small batch to perfection every time.
Royal Wine


Royal is one of six wines we produced. The predominant apples in this wine are a thoughtful mixture of wild apples found on or near our farm. It has a sweet, slight tartness with a finish that will keep you wanting more. Have this wine to compliment dinner or after as a desert. 


Alcohol Content 12.6%

Blackberry Wine


This wine is made from blackberries that were picked at the peek of their season. It has a rich blackberry flavor with a slight sweet finish, making this a great wine to have with friend around the campfire.


Alcohol Content 11.6%

blueberry semi dry.jpg
Semi Dry Blueberry Wine


This is our semi dry blueberry wine. The blueberries were pick at their peak of ripeness and fermented to almost completely dry making this a great wine with dinner.


Alcohol Content 14%

Semi Sweet blueberry.jpg
Semi Sweet Blueberry Wine


Our semi sweet blueberry wine features the blueberries grown on our farm. This wine has a sweet rich blueberry flavor making it great for after dinner as a desert.


Alcohol Content 12.2%

cyser photo for vino.jpg
Apple Honey Wine / Cyser


Our apple honey wine is a careful mix of bittersweet apples fermented in a cool environment to allow for a slower and more complete ferment. The citrus apple flavor is complemented with a soft sweet honey finish.


Alcohol Content 16.4%

peach vino.jpg
Peach Wine


Our peach wine has a delicious peach flavor and finishes with just the right amount of sweetness. Great for a desert after dinner or when hanging around the campfire


Alcohol Content 18%

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